Bayfield Farmer’s Market

bayfield farmers market-12

One of my best friends convinced me to get up early and head over to the farmer’s market this morning. He kept telling me how colorful all of the produce has been, and that I needed to photograph it, but I’ve been on the road so much I’m usually gone on Saturday mornings…  I am…

Room 1

Room 1

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Walz Caps – American Made


One type of photography I don’t really blog a lot of is my commercial work – and I am attempting to get better at doing that!  This past spring I was asked to go out the San Diego area to photograph Walz Caps, a really cool company that makes cycling and running caps in the USA.…

Hack Noyes on Lake Superior

Haqck Noyes on Lake Superior

A few months ago (yes – it’s been a bit crazy… ha) I was invited aboard the Hack Noyes research vessel to photograph the crew stocking browns in Lake Superior.  This was a dream come true for me because I have gotten LOTS of photos of the big tugs from shore, but I had not…

Summer craziness – and a photography workshop!


I haven’t blogged since June 21st.  Wow! I have been all over the globe – and I have been documenting it all (especially on Instagram and Facebook 😉 ) I’ve been photographing weddings, engagements, families, pets, orchards, animal rescues, fisheries management, graduates, Italian wineries, Lake Superior, fishing, women in the outdoors – you name it. I’ve…

Full moon over Bayfield

bayfield moon

I have been on the road non stop for the past few weeks – and I am heading to Italy on Friday for our Yoga and Photography (and Eating & Drinking) Workshop in Tuscany. I returned from speaking about social media chaos in Montana a few days ago, and I’m attempting to catch up on…