The Onion of Grief

  When my husband died, a wise woman told me that grief was like an onion. I had no idea what she meant at the time, though I’m sure I nodded my head in a agreement as if I did know. Now that I look back, it all makes sense now, and it could not […]

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On the ice with Gillespie and crew.

Ice anglers have an odd love of chasing fish in difficult and frigid conditions. We thrive in the cold. I am one of those crazy people. As you all know, ice fishing season is my favorite.The colder it is the happier I am (truly) – and it’s also my social season. I get to see everyone […]

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Resilience is Hope

  It’s knowing that there is a better time ahead. It’s knowing that you can be, and WILL be, free, content, and safe. The future holds good and bad, but we do not know which is in store for us. Having the hope that things can only get better spurs us into the action to make changes […]

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Stormy Kromer – Made Like You Feature

I am very proud to continue to be a Stormy Kromer Ambassador. Though my life has changed drastically – in a very good way – since I did this interview – and I do far less photography – I still love to capture the fleeting moments of life through my speaking, writing, AND photos! I haven’t […]

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New stuff – and teaching at Boudie Camp!

You may have noticed a transition to more teaching and speaking – and more personal photography on here. In addition to my role at Bast Durbin, I have moved to just a few commercial clients and many more teaching and speaking appearances over the past few months (and lots more coming up), and with that […]

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Taking Charlie Fishing

Taking photos of a little girl catching her first fish on Lake Michigan makes my heart happy, and last week I got to take photos of Charlie catching her first king salmon ever.  She has JUST turned five – and is one of my favorite little girls on the planet.  Whenever she and her mom and […]

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Wild Parsnip is the devil – and the Midwest Conservation Dogs are here to save us from this nasty plant. (oh and a tortoise )

This is going to be known as the summer of wild parsnip.  Earlier in the summer I was at a shoot for Bast Durbin, and posted photos of our truck in the field on to Facebook.  I thought it looked cool, but Facebook thought I was nuts (that in itself is normal…).  Apparently we had […]

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The Waterfowl Diaries – Part 1

My #1 favorite subject is a bird dog. Any bird dog. They are my greatest love photographically because they are just so damn happy in the field. The looks on their faces when the gun goes off – or when they are just observing around them is incredible to photograph.  This fall I am photographing […]

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Take a chance – why I moved.

Sometimes in life you have to decide to just take a chance.  I’ve done just that, and I have relocated to the Milwaukee area from Bayfield. In March, I acknowledged that I was totally miserable. I was creatively empty, and that’s not good when your income depends on your creativity. In April, I started looking for […]

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