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Max the House Husky

photo of a husky

Max is a house husky. He looooveeees the snow and the cold weather, seek but he also enjoys his comfy couch and his window view from the outside. I love getting photos of canines at their eye level – that way we see, ampoule what they see :).  And most dogs see the table at […]

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Chester the GSP

Chester is one of the most expressive German Shorthair Pointers I have met. Mostly he expressed to us that we were being silly humans, medical and that he would just appreciate it if we would hand over the promised treats.  Enjoy the photos – and you may see that they have an announcement in one […]

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I got to photograph the coolest pair of Newfies a few weeks ago.  The session was supposed to be a surprise gift for Sandy’s husband, but she ended up telling him about it. Good thing she did, because the photos I got of them playing are so fun!  I also loved meeting their niece – […]

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