Why I do what I do… an update


A few months back I took some awesome photos of a very special dog at Catkins Animal Rescue, Inc.  (They’re where the Jim Fund is, and where Stewie is from – and a recipient of my month of giving).

Glenda loved the people at the shelter and felt safe for the first time in a long while, but was looking for her finally forever home after years of neglect.

photos for shelters

A wonderful family stumbled upon her on my blog.  They had been looking for a new furkid to add to their family, and Glenda looked like a great fit.  After a meet and greet at the shelter, Glenda jumped in the car and went home to her new couch :).

Her new family let me know they were coming up to Bayfield on vacation this week, and I got to meet them today in Bayfield!  They report that she is doing really, really well, and learning to trust that she is there to stay.  I nearly cried when they showed me video of her having fun and swimming in the pool!  This is why I do what I do :).

I don’t always get to hear about my subjects’ new homes, so this was incredibly special to me.  It proves I am on the right path!

Thank you to her new humans for sending me this photo of them a few months ago!



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4 Comments on Why I do what I do… an update

  1. Victoria Resurreccion
    August 13, 2014 at 5:03 pm (8 years ago)

    Hello, Hannah!
    I’m one of your loyal followers in Facebook. I admire what you do, particularly helping shelter dogs, etc. get better exposures to the public for adoption with wonderful photos.
    I love photography myself. My favorite subject these days is our 10-year old Aussie Shepherd, Otis.

    Just wanted to ask how you got started photographing shelter animals? I am very inspired by what you do and would very much like to do the same. When I rescued two dogs in the past & saw their photos at the shelter’s website with the others the following day or so, I was so disappointed. Most of them all had one ‘standard’ pose – with leash attached to the wall. They look rather sad, which is understandable, considering their circumstances. Resolutions on most were not good at all. It made me wonder how can these poor animals attract would-be forever parents with these seemingly low-qualitiy photos? People do not see each animal’s personality like what your photos do. I’ve photographed many photos at the shelter in the past with my iPhone & I thought they’re not bad at all. But they were in the cages, with several others ~ and not for displaying for would-be adopters. I can show some of them to you if you’d like via email or your FB site.
    Anyway, thank for your time. Looking forward to hear from you.


  2. Susan Schutz
    August 14, 2014 at 2:01 pm (8 years ago)

    How beautiful! Thank you for helping Glenda find such a wonderful home. As soon as a dog has access to the couch, trust begins!

  3. Ros Nelson
    August 18, 2014 at 12:19 pm (8 years ago)

    I LOVE stories like this! Thanks to all who made this work: the shelter, the people who support the shelter with cash, the new mom and dad, and to Hannah who brought this Story To Life.

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