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Life is crazy, life is weird, life is definitely fun and an adventure!  So much has been going on the past few months – ok, years, that I feel each day that I am just now catching up.  Then I realize, nope –  it’s not about catching up, it’s about doing great things along the way.  It’s about changing the world in very small ways, and putting smiles on faces, if only with an image of a smiling dog to brighten someone’s day.

Good things are happening in my life and my business, and I wanted to share the news.

I am so honored to be the keynote speaker at a few different conferences coming up, and I am working on more.  The first is Wednesday, April 2nd in Ashland, WI at the Just for Women event.  You can see more details here:  Just for Women. The second is the 2014 NW Wisconsin Business Conference, May 7-8th.  The them is “superheros”, and I will, of course, wearing my cape with a “C” on the back for “coffee”.  Maybe Big Water will sponsor me?  You can see more details on that conference here:  2014 NW Wisconsin Business Conference.

In addition, a HUGE thank you to Hope McLeod for doing a fabulous write up on me.  She talks about how I approach life and why I do what I do.  Dogs truly are my sanity – and she really captures that in the article.  You can read it here:  Dogs give Hannah Stonehouse Hudson a lift.

She captures how I feel perfectly in this quote from the article:

She attributes her buoyancy to an invisible net that constellated around her when the Schoep photo went viral six months earlier. Thanks to Facebook, she acquired millions of animal-loving fans deeply touched by her photograph, many of whom had lost their own pets. So when it was Hudson’s time to grieve, this cyber-net enveloped her and scooped her up with such a tremendous outpouring of love. Daily e-mails arrived from all over the world holding her up in the same way John held Schoep, in a state of grace.

But at the core of her recovery, she said, the real heroes of the day were the dogs in her life.

“They’ve taken care of me, so I need to take care of them,” said Hudson.

Hope got this great shot of me being the Northwoods canine photog in my fabulous mukluks (and thanks to my awesome boyfriend Al Krause for getting me these – they’re perfect for shooting!). I absolutely love my job.  Can you tell?  🙂

photo of Hannah Stonehouse Hudson shooting

An early “have a great weekend” to you all – I’ll be at the Canoecopia show in Madison with Silverwaves Jewelry this weekend, helping my friend Lissa with her booth.  Stop by and get some dog paw or kayak earrings – we’d love to see you!


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