Animal Paradise – P.A.W. Animal Rescue on Caye Caulker


Back in May (that is how long my brain has been on hold, ahem…;) ) I made a visit to the amazing Madi at P.A.W. (Protecting Animal Welfare) Cat Sanctuary & Humane Society on Caye Caulker off the coast of Belize. In 2003, Madi dropped everything at her corporate job in NYC, and returned to her home town to work in animal rescue and care for her father.  She has been in the same location ever since, working on spay neuter education, and rescuing abandoned cats and dogs on the island.  Animals routinely get dropped over her fence, and she takes all financial responsibility for them.

The cool thing about PAW is that you can rent her cabins VERY affordably,  and volunteer at the shelter (Madi needs vets and regular folks – all are welcome).  Look at the view – it’s absolutely gorgeous.  And she is one of the kindest women I have ever met.  Madi is still doing most everything on her own, and she really needs our donations during the slow season (she relies on rental fees to help the rescue).  Check out her website for more info:  

I personally like how the cats hide in the palm trees 🙂


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