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There is a proposed open pit mine in one of the most beautiful areas of Northern Wisconsin called the Penokees.  This mine COULD provide some much needed jobs here in the northern part of the state,  but it could also be a disaster for northern Wisconsin.  This past weekend, the River Alliance of Wisconsin invited me along to document their visit to the project area. My dad is on the Board of Directors, so I was excited to hang out with him.  My biggest reason for wanting to go on this tour, however, was to get more facts about the proposed site from the anti-mining side.

I am the type of person who will not make a decision before I hear or read both sides.  I feel that mining is not a bad thing (duh), and it provides the metals, minerals, etc that we need to function as a modern society (ie: my camera).  I went to visit the proposed mine site with a completely open mind.  I wanted to see why this particular mine was such bad news for the area according to some folks, when I was actually one of the ones quietly on the fence in terms of whether I supported it or not.    ****Gasp – YES!***  I was on the fence, and I may be un-friended on Facebook for that fact.

After taking this tour, however, I can tell you I am decidedly no longer on the fence.  This project SUCKS, for lack of a better word. It sucks for everyone who lives here if we let it go through. I won’t go through the details or the science of it all, because that’s not my job. Do the research yourself.  You may be surprised at horrid this thing could be for all of us.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur in Northern Wisconsin, I have to say, though I wish this was obvious to everyone, that I am NOT against jobs.  I’m not one of those people who only wants tourism up here.  I would love some manufacturing in the area, some cool new internet ventures, or other interesting year-round businesses.  I know how hard I, as well as my friends, have to work in order to live here.  I am simply against crappy open pit mines that will destroy a watershed that is an extremely important to Lake Superior, the Chequamegon Bay, and everyone who lives here’s health.   There are plenty of other types of employers we could be trying to get to come up here… but that’s a different rant for a different post.  If you don’t agree with me – that’s fine – everyone who knows me, knows I respect opinions that are different than mine.  I’m not trying to shove my views down other people’s throats – but I really don’t want this thing here. PLEASE do the research and educate yourself on this. Its not a good thing for our area. Seriously.

On a lighter note – I did get some great photos – ahem…

The balls of stuff are taconite, by the way…

Mining project in the penokees
On the tour we visited Caroline Lake, which is the headwaters to the Bad River Watershed. It will be completely destroyed.

Bad River Watershed Destroyed

As a photographer, I will say this was my favorite part of the trip. The Tyler Forks River is gorgeous!! It was extremely fun to tromp through the woods with my camera. 🙂
Waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin

Check out the puff balls we found on our walk!


northern wisconsin photos

I hope you enjoyed my rather twitchy post on the proposed mine in the Penokees.  There are larger photos on my facebook page if you’d like to see them!

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