Newborn Photographer | Francis the Cutie Pie eyes my camera


This is Francis – he was born 7 days before I took these photos.  This newborn was a bit wary of the photographer, OR he just didn’t want to sleep because he was ready for his closeup :).  I ended up doing most of them in black and white because I know his mommy loves black and white photography!

A BIG yawn from Francis!

big yawn from baby

This is his very proud older brother!

baby and his big brother

Francis would like to know what exactly I am up to and why I am laying down on the ground 🙂

curious newborn

Hanging with mom!

baby hanging with mom

Mr Francis is almost sleeping!

mom holding newborn

Cute feet!

IMG_0752bw copy

Hanging with dad!

IMG_0761bw copy

I refuse to sleep photographer lady – you are way too interesting…

IMG_0756 copy

Well I am yawning…

IMG_0757 copy


IMG_0794bw copy

IMG_0799bw copy

We would prefer a bottle and to stare at your camera… 🙂

newborn and bottle

Congrats Nashie!!!! 🙂

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