I was a bridesmaid – and it was fun! Newberry Library, Chicago, IL


I have been a bit lame on the posts lately – sorry!  I was in my best friend’s wedding this weekend in Chicago – it was FABULOUS!  She married a wonderful English guy, so in the British custom we had a joint hen & stag party – hence the antlers.  It was at the Southport Lanes Bowling Alley…

Catching a cab…





This woman is up to something 🙂


The photographer for her wedding was Jeremy Lawson, an AMAZING photog from Chicago.  I got this one photo of him with Sarah in the reflection.  Other than that I put my camera down.  There is NOTHING more annoying than another photographer in your way, so I did not want to be “that” girl lol 🙂  Check out his blog – he does fabulous work, so if you are getting married in Chi – town HIRE HIM.


Sarah & Stephen got married at a beautiful church in Chicago and then the reception was at the Newberry Library.  I shot this very quickly just so she could check her make up – we were about to walk out!  I actually considered carrying my camera down the aisle just so I would feel normal and balanced, since that is usually what I am doing lol – I was TERRIFIED of falling, especially since my shoes didn’t fit.  Note to self: don’t buy shoes the day before the wedding.  🙂


We then headed out for beer pong until 3 am at a hilarious bar called Streeters.  The college kids were a bit taken aback by a bride who could kick their butts at beer pong.  I was not surprised in the slightest, however, considering Sarah’s college beer pong record 😉



Notice the girls in the mirror plotting 🙂 


Sarah & Stephen I love you VERY much – have fun in Sweden!!!!!

Ok – so I’m done causing trouble in Chicago – enough slacking, I know:)


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