Wedding Photography

Mary & Neal’s Amazing Ping Pong Playing Wedding


I am the LEAST serious person on the planet, and love to have as much fun as humanly possible.  My friend and 2nd shooter, Barb, is the same way, and I’m not sure Barb & I had any clue we would be smiling as much as we did at Mary & Neal’s wedding.  I mean…

Maddy & Nima on Madeline Island – the Stills


This wedding on Madeline Island was a photographer’s dream. Amazing people, gorgeous venue, and beautiful light made for a fantastic day. Congratulations to Maddy and Nima!  Check out their slideshow here.                                                …

Maddy & Nima on Madeline Island

Madeline Island-wedding-photographer_025

This gorgeous wedding on Madeline Island was truly amazing. I will post the stills in a separate entry in a moment, recipe as there are so many!  Please enjoy their slideshow Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email

Rachelle and Ryan in Madison


Rachelle and Ryan’s gorgeous wedding in Madison had two people deeply in love and a amazingly fun bridal party that made Barb & I’s job VERY easy :).  We got to play in huge Union chairs at Union South  – loved it!!  Check out the stills from their day, and the slideshow at the end. …

Rob & Stephanie in Iron Mountain


LOVED this wedding!  I know – I say that all the time, but I mean it.  Barb & I get to meet the most incredible people at all of these events. Rob and Stephanie actually found me via Rob’s sister Jodie, who works at my favorite commercial client – The BOSS Snowplow.  As Jodie and…

Jake and Anna on Madeline Island – with Cliff Diving!!


This two day wedding was one of my all time favorites!!  Their engagement session was freaking cool, ed price too… check it out here. I got to go cliff diving at this wedding. Seriously. It was amazing   Their families were so much fun, too.  Check out some of my favorites:        …

Julia & Ian at the Madison Concourse


Barb and I were so excited to travel to Madison for Julia & Ian’s wedding in Madison a few weeks ago., I can’t wait to share more of their stills, but here are some of my favorites: Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email

Molly & Chris at the Basilica – the stills.


  This is one of my all time favorite couples!  They are so incredibly in love, I can’t stand it ;).  If you check out their slideshow {here}, you can see what I mean!  The Basilica in Minneapolis is HUGE, but you still felt like it was a small, intimate ceremony because of all of…

Molly & Chris at the Basilica!

Basilica of St Mary's

I am in LOVE with this wedding at the Basilica!  Molly and Chris are so cute, and so in love, help and so fun to be around.  Check out their slideshow: Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email