Wedding Photography

Maddy & Nima on Madeline Island – the Stills


This wedding on Madeline Island was a photographer’s dream. Amazing people, gorgeous venue, and beautiful light made for a fantastic day. Congratulations to Maddy and Nima!  Check out their slideshow here.                                                …

Maddy & Nima on Madeline Island

Madeline Island-wedding-photographer_025

This gorgeous wedding on Madeline Island was truly amazing. I will post the stills in a separate entry in a moment, as there are so many!  Please enjoy their slideshow Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email

Rachelle and Ryan in Madison


Rachelle and Ryan’s gorgeous wedding in Madison had two people deeply in love and a amazingly fun bridal party that made Barb & I’s job VERY easy :).  We got to play in huge Union chairs at Union South  – loved it!!  Check out the stills from their day, and the slideshow at the end. …

Rob & Stephanie in Iron Mountain


LOVED this wedding!  I know – I say that all the time, but I mean it.  Barb & I get to meet the most incredible people at all of these events. Rob and Stephanie actually found me via Rob’s sister Jodie, who works at my favorite commercial client – The BOSS Snowplow.  As Jodie and…

Jake and Anna on Madeline Island – with Cliff Diving!!


This two day wedding was one of my all time favorites!!  Their engagement session was freaking cool, too… check it out here. I got to go cliff diving at this wedding. Seriously. It was amazing   Their families were so much fun, too.  Check out some of my favorites:            …

Julia & Ian at the Madison Concourse


Barb and I were so excited to travel to Madison for Julia & Ian’s wedding in Madison a few weeks ago., I can’t wait to share more of their stills, but here are some of my favorites: Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email

Molly & Chris at the Basilica – the stills.


  This is one of my all time favorite couples!  They are so incredibly in love, I can’t stand it ;).  If you check out their slideshow {here}, you can see what I mean!  The Basilica in Minneapolis is HUGE, but you still felt like it was a small, intimate ceremony because of all of…

Molly & Chris at the Basilica!

Basilica of St Mary's

I am in LOVE with this wedding at the Basilica!  Molly and Chris are so cute, so in love, and so fun to be around.  Check out their slideshow: Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email

Mackenzie & Anson’s Gorgeous Lakewoods Wedding

Lakewoods wedding

Mackenzie & Anson’s wedding at Lakewoods Resort in Cable had everything – dogs, firearms, pontoon boats, and amazing dancing! Check out their slideshow now – I’ll have stills up on Thursday :). Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email