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Learn via Skype

photo of a dog sniffing

Do you wish your photos were less blurry?  Does your editing flow need to be much faster?  Confused about when, where, and how to post social media updates? If you can’t make it to my Dog Photography Workshop or my Bird Dog Photography Workshop this May, individualized instruction is always available via Skype. Learn the…

Sniff and boing: shooting intuitively for pet photographers.

photo of a dog sniffing

Dogs being dogs: The progression of the boing and sniff. Taking photos of dog being well, dogs, is possibly the best job on the planet.  When I shoot I don’t have burst mode on, so these progressions are not just a just a bunch of photos I have gotten by just pressing the shutter. Instead I try…

B&W Lightroom Tutorial

old dog and her couch

Hey all! Here is a simple b&w conversion video for Lightroom where I discuss converting to black and white in two different ways. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the presets I have developed over the years – you can buy them here. Thanks so much and enjoy! Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse…

How to take stop action photos – a sledding tutorial.

stop action sledding-5

Bright light, blinding white snow, and temps in the single digits actually make for some beautiful photos.  I love to use these conditions to get some really great stop action shots. I shot these all at ISO 125 with my 35mm lens  (check out Borrow Lenses if you’d like to try this lens before you…

Better Photos by the Christmas Tree

How to take better photos of Christmas trees.

4 steps to better Christmas tree photos:  It is the time of year to take photos inside by the tree.  Here are 3 quick ways to improve your Christmas tree photos: 1) Tripod or table to stabilize. Normally I am not a tripod user, but in this situation, I definitely try to use something to…

Fall, Creativity, & Coffee Edition – Thursday Links


Here my top 3 links to inspire you for the week of September 29th!  Enjoy Tips for Shooting Fall Foliage Creativity Field Guide Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee (because you can’t take pictures without caffeine)     Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email