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Better Photos by the Christmas Tree

How to take better photos of Christmas trees.

4 steps to better Christmas tree photos:  It is the time of year to take photos inside by the tree.  Here are 3 quick ways to improve your Christmas tree photos: 1) Tripod or table to stabilize. Normally I am not a tripod user, but in this situation, I definitely try to use something to…

Fall, Creativity, & Coffee Edition – Thursday Links


Here my top 3 links to inspire you for the week of September 29th!  Enjoy Tips for Shooting Fall Foliage Creativity Field Guide Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee (because you can’t take pictures without caffeine)     Contact ME! | Subscribe to Stonehouse Photography by Email

New video tutorial – Lenses I use for dog photos

pet photography tutorial on youtube

I’ve put together a new video with a few of my favorite dog images. I talk (ramble?) about what lenses I used and how I got what I did. I spend a lot of time with my Canon 24-70 2.8 at pet sessions, but I also have a few 35mm and 70-200’s in there, too.…

Taking better photos of shelter animals – a quick guide.

How to take better photos at animal rescues

I had a great time at the Dane County Humane Society this past weekend!  I love working with their organization, and I had a great time meeting everyone.  I’ve put together this very short & very basic tutorial on taking better shelter pet photos.  {If you’d like the guide for better photos that I’ve created…

The best lens for pet photography

The best lenses for pet photography

(Update:  If you want to try this lens, or any other lens or camera combo, out before you buy – check out Borrow Lenses.  You can try before you buy.  I use them when I have a big commercial shoot, as well, so I don’t have to buy a bunch of equipment I only need…

How to Make B&W’s in Lightroom


Had a great Google+ Hangout last week Thursday (other than having to re-boot due to the snowstorm…) about how to do simple b&w conversions in Lightroom. The part about adding watermarks in hard to see, so I will have a better video of that up later this week. Hope you enjoy this video of making…

Adding detail to fur – video tutorial


I’m starting to do some photo tutorials on Google Hangouts over on Google+ (join me there if you’re on it), and I did a practice session today by recording a short tutorial on how to enhance fur and hair with Lightroom brushes. On Thursday evening at 7:30 CST I’ll be hosting one on how to…

Please stop comparing yourself to others. Seriously.

How to stop comparing yourself to others

This is a PSA from a fellow creative – please stop comparing yourself to others. It does you no good, and actually makes your productivity and creativity suffer.  This great article on Fast Company talks about putting yourself out there and showing your work to the world: If you’re just starting out, Kleon recommends following…