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Keep Truckin’ – Why I LOVE this company

Ok – so I love stories about businesses and passions that spring out of {extremely} hard life events. Keep Truckin’ is probably one of my favorite of those stories. I actually shot Nori and Trevor’s wedding a few years ago, and it, of course, featured their awesome canine companion, Edison (and he’s regular model on […]

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Heading to Dunwoody on March 27th!

It’s amazing that I can fit “social media, fishing, dogs, grief, the outdoors, and the power of virtual communities” into the description of about 80% of my keynote presentation descriptions… who knew all of these things would end up being related.  I will be heading to  Dunwoody College of Technology on March 27th for their […]

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Take a chance – why I moved.

Sometimes in life you have to decide to just take a chance.  I’ve done just that, and I have relocated to the Milwaukee area from Bayfield. In March, I acknowledged that I was totally miserable. I was creatively empty, and that’s not good when your income depends on your creativity. In April, I started looking for […]

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It’s almost TEDx time! AH!

It’s TEDx week – and I am extremely excited – and a bit (ok – a lot) nervous. I get to talk about a subject I am extremely passionate about on Saturday, so I think most of my nervousness is about appearing too enthusiastic on stage ;).   Life is too short to add anything […]

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Stormy Kromer Ambassador!

I am so excited to announce that I have been chosen as a 2015 Stormy Kromer Ambassador!  Never in my earlier life did I think my blaze orange Stormy would turn into a “signature look”  – but is actually essential to my job. I’m really looking forward to doing more this season with one of […]

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Canoe down the Brule!

You may have noticed things have been a bit silent blog & newsletter-wise.  I’ve been crazy busy behind the lens for the first time in 2 years – and it has been wonderful!  Al and I took a much needed break yesterday and canoed down the gorgeous Bois Brule River.    We rented a canoe […]

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The Ultimate Gift

So, two months ago Al and I lost our two oldest baby dogs in less than 2 weeks. I took photos of Max’s last few days – from the mess on his face from us trying to feed him, to the saline bag while we tried to hydrate him, to the last moments in the […]

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Last week I submitted my proposal for a TEDx in October of this year – it’s called The Power of Virtual Communities During Personal Tragedy. It’s about empowering both the person who has experienced pain, and their family/friends who want to make a difference, but don’t know how. It’s something I feel very passionate about. […]

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