Better Pet Photography Online Class – for all levels

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Are you looking for a fun and informative class to bring your pet photography skills up to the next level? 


Join me to learn about photographing black dogs, animals that ignore you, getting the best snout shots, capturing an animal’s best expression, and getting creative inside when the weather won’t cooperate.  The class starts Tuesday, April 5th, and registration is now open!

This is not your normal technical photography class – it’s a fun and informative way to improve the skills you already have, regardless of the equipment you own. I’ll even have an entire lesson on getting the best images with your phone.

This class is for all levels, and the lessons can be used by those who shoot professionally, and those who really just want to take better photos of their own pets. (And if you are a shelter volunteer, there is a significant discount).

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There are two options:

1) 5 weekly lessons delivered to your email inbox – includes videos, worksheets, and written instruction. – $97

2) 5 weekly lessons delivered to your email inbox (same as option 1) – with 2 private Skype sessions to discuss your specific questions. $197

***Are you a shelter volunteer? Please email me at and I will give a discount code.**

I love my job, and I have spent the past decade tweaking how I shoot so I get the shots that show really show the subject’s personality.

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