Taking Charlie Fishing

Taking photos of a little girl catching her first fish on Lake Michigan makes my heart happy, and last week I got to take photos of Charlie catching her first king salmon ever.  She has JUST turned five – and is one of my favorite little girls on the planet.  Whenever she and her mom and dad come over to our house she immediately snuggles up to one of the dogs (usually Stewie, my chihuahua), and proceeds to tell me all kinds of stories about everything – and I mean everything. Heading out on the boat was an adventure I was very excited for, and when her dad, Matt, asked me to take photos of the trip, I was doubly excited.

Honestly, there were a few reasons why this trip was special for me, in addition to being able to take photos of Charlie catching her first king salmon with her dad.  It’s hard to explain fully in a short blog post – but the fact that I was able to capture images of 3 great guys who love fishing and who LOVE teaching kids to fish, helping a five year old reel in her first fish on the BIG lake of Lake Michigan was cool in itself.  The fact that all 3 of these men are in my life because I was lucky enough to have a short time on this earth with Jim –  who introduced me to all 3 of them – and who introduced me to fishing big water – is another cool part of the story.The best part of it, for me, though, is the fact that I get to take photos of fishing and write articles about hunting and fishing (more about those articles later) with Chris.   Life has an odd way of turning out exactly how you need it to – and this is just one of the many examples of how incredible my life is.

At the beginning of the trip, Charlie had her snacks and drinks in the front of the boat with Kitty – who she decided to tie up just in case Kitty decided to take a leap into the lake ;).  This was Charlie’s and Kitty’s first trip out on Lake Michigan, so they were both a little nervous… but we made sure Kitty was safe – and Bear took guard of her for awhile as well.

We started setting lines, and had a fish on in a matter of minutes – even before all of the lines were in. Chris took care of netting, while Jimmy helped Charlie reel the fish in.  After checking out the fish and getting a few photos, the king was released back into the water. Charlie and her dad got to talk about how excited she was to catch a fish on Lake Michigan – at first she was a exhausted from the excitement of reeling that fish in – but then she lit up. The photos of the two of them talking are some of my all time favorite images.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

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