Lacrosse at Bad River Winter Camp

This is a different type of shoot for me – it was not dog or fishing related – but it was snowy and fast! I’ve never seen lacrosse played before, and I was overly excited to shoot it being played in the snow in 50 degree weather. Nothing like shooting a fast paced event in sandals in the snow.  I didn’t fall over, so that was a proud moment ;).

Damon invited me to photograph a lacrosse workshop he was teaching at the Bad River Winter Camp this past weekend – and it was the perfect fast action thing for me to document.  The combination of traditional sticks and modern sticks was interesting to see together as well – and I loved watching everyone slipping and sliding in the snow.  Thank you, Damon, for inviting me!

Next up I am heading to South Dakota to fish in the Black Hills for Hooked on Hardwater.   I’m attempting to fish all 50 states in the next 2 years, so that will check SD off the list!  I’ll have a blog post up about our Women Ice Angler Project trip to Mille Lacs last week up soon as well.  I have been on the road constantly – and this warm weather is making my ice fishing adventures interesting.  Ha!

bad river lacrosse
bad river lacrosse-2
bad river lacrosse-3
bad river lacrosse-4
bad river lacrosse-5
bad river lacrosse-6
bad river lacrosse-7
bad river lacrosse-8
bad river lacrosse-9
bad river lacrosse-10
bad river lacrosse-11
bad river lacrosse-12
bad river lacrosse-13
bad river lacrosse-14
bad river lacrosse-15
bad river lacrosse-16
bad river lacrosse-17
bad river lacrosse-18
bad river lacrosse-19
bad river lacrosse-20
bad river lacrosse-21
bad river lacrosse-22
bad river lacrosse-23
bad river lacrosse-24
bad river lacrosse-25
bad river lacrosse-26
bad river lacrosse-27
bad river lacrosse-28

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