Caitlin & Tyler’s Northwoods Engagement

This summer & fall have been crazzzzy (in a good way 🙂 ).  The people I have photographed along the way -well, I’m not sure I can fully describe how much I have laughed at these sessions.

Caitlin & Tyler would be a prime example of that “laughing til our faces hurt”.

Caitlin and I have actually been “Facebook friends” for years.  We met over a love of BOSS Snowplows (seriously), winter, photography, and fishing.  I was the photographer for BOSS for a few years and she and I would message back and forth about our random love of extreme snow – and over the years we have gotten to know each other virtually.

When she and Tyler started dating I was overly excited to see her so happy, and when they got engaged and asked me to shoot their wedding I *may* have started screeching a little…

Fast forward to this fall, and we did one of the most hilarious Northwoods themed sessions I have ever been a part of.

Beer, bird dogs, shotguns, camo, bows, and some pretty damn funny expressions.

Here you go – enjoy 😉



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