Bayfield Apple Fest 2016

Bayfield Apple Fest was this past weekend – and I got to photograph the parade from my favorite spot – the Red Cliff fire truc I LOVE the smiles and waves I get from everyone as I go by. Most people are fine getting their photo taken – I only got yelled at once. Ha!

I basically have 11 years of parade photos from some sort of emergency vehicle.  Getting photos of the same people in the same spots every year is really quite awesome – especially some of the little kids who have grown up as I have been photographing them.

This year I worked at my friend Lissa’s new gallery as well (Silverwaves Jewelry) – it was her first AppleFuss at her new location, so she was feeling a bit loopy. She’s the first photo on the left.  On the right is our Chamber Director making sure the apples are safe for consumption ;). Below that is our friend Pete protecting the fire department raffle tickets.

I was going to try and caption all the photos of my friends here, but I realized pretty much everyone I photographed is my friend, so I gave up.  I love this town and the people in it so much!  I hope you enjoy all of the photos!  You can see ALL of the images (and much larger ones) on my FB page here:  Apple Fest 2016 photos.  Enjoy!


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