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I am definitely a wild woman who is happiest outside – so I was honored to be on a friend’s podcast last week that is all about women in the outdoors!

A huge thank you to my friend Barb Carey for featuring me on her podcast “Wild and Wonderful Women” this past week.  Barb and I have been ice fishing (and open water fishing) together quite a bit these past few years, and she (along with her organization, WI Women Fish) is actually a HUGE part of the reason I returned to my favorite activity.  I am so happy to have her in my life!

Check out the episode from her show here:

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This week’s guest on the “Wild and Wonderful Women” is Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Hannah lives on the shores of Lake Superior and is blessed to be near some of the best fishing in the country. She is the famous photographer who took the photograph of John and Schoep, that quickly circled the world, and became a social media sensation. A few months later, her famous fishing guide husband, Jim Hudson, died in a tragic ice fishing accident. That incident, which quickly followed the famous photo, created a social media frenzy which changed her life forever. Hannah withstood the storm and eventually gave a TedX talk on Empathy and the power of virtual communities. You can watch Hannah Storehouse Hudson at this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ninDNeey5B0

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson Steelhead

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