Fifteen. – The Making of a Film. (and the glaring of a puppy who would like to know why we’re not napping…)

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Next week I will be documenting the making of Fifteen. in Cornucopia and Bayfield, WI.  I am a documentary photographer, so capturing things as they happen is my strength, and this is going to be a new & fun way to be creative.

Kara Hakanson is the director/writer/lead actress of Fifteen – we did a few shots last week to get ready for promotions.

On Fifteen’s Indigogo site, Kara talks about how her career wasn’t where she wanted it to be when she moved out to LA a few years ago:

I recently moved back to Minnesota after living in Los Angeles for almost two years. I moved out there to do the acting thing and realized that what I was looking for in my career wasn’t there. I wasn’t interested in booking a car commercial or getting on some cheesy TV show. What I really wanted was to make my own films that made an impact on viewers and gave a healthy representation of women.

Kara wrote the screenplay for Fifteen when she moved back, and decided along the way to make it a powerful female centered production that focuses on the funny moments (and sweet and tender and awkward, of course) of coming of age as a girl.

Kara hired a majority female production staff & crew, and decided to film in her favorite place – Cornucopia, WI. This location has allowed her to bring business to a community that she loves dearly, and wants to support.

So – a woman working hard to create healthy roles for women in the film industry, a local production bringing economic impacts to the places I love most, AND a puppy in a leading role in the movie?  Yes Please.  Sign me up – I’ll be right over.  (oh – and by the way – the puppy is Pippin.  She is 13 weeks, and was NOT awake when we did photos… you can see she’s glaring at us towards the end.  Too much puppy play time! 😉 ).

Check out Fifteen’s Instagram for up posts by Kara & myself over the next few weeks.  We’ll see you soon!

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