Steelhead on the Northshore – and I hate nightcrawlers.


I have been on the road constantly for the past few weeks, and I am slowly catching up on blogging some of the awesome things I was up to.  One of these was shooting a show with Larry Smith Outdoors, my great friend Barb Carey, and Garett Svir of Slab Seeker Fishing.

We started our journey by foot down to the river at 4:30 am.  Yes.  AM.  It was dark, damp, and very, very slick.  Basically, we had to slide down the side of a ravine to get the spot.  This is normally kind of difficult, but when it’s pitch black and two of the people (myself and Dan the camera man) have camera gear in hand, it’s even more fun – and difficult.  No one was injured, though I did discover a gash to the side of my head later that week.  I don’t really feel things when I am that excited about fish.  Seriously.

Once day broke we started casting spawn (yum) and nightcrawlers (disgusting) into the river.  Fun fact – I have a phobia of night crawlers.  Embarrassing, yes, true, yes, ridiculous?  Hell yes.  I even jumped out of a moving boat because my dearly departed husband thought I was joking and chased me out of said boat.

Yes, I, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, am terrified of nightcrawlers.  Anyway, I digress.

The day with this group turned into the most fun I have had in a long, long time.  We waded through some intense water, caught some huge fish, and we even climbed up a shear rock wall to get to one of the spots.

My steelhead happened to be at the spot where that shear rock face was.  I reeled it in on a center pin – which I have never used before until this exact moment.  Imagine reeling in a huge fish with a camera in your face on a piece of equipment that you’ve literally never used before.  I’m now addicted to center pins, though.  I want one of my own – controlling the drag yourself is amazing!

Oh – and by the way, said fish was on a nightcrawler.  I may need to work on this phobia…

Thank you Barb for the photo of my catch, as you can see I am happiest fishing 🙂 . This steelhead was released right after the photo, as were all of the rest.

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson Steelhead

Some of the images I got while filming are some of my all time favorites.  Please check out the show below, too – Barb & I absolutely loved filming with Larry and Dan!  (and you should definitely hire Garett – he’s an incredible teacher and guide.)

steelhead fishing photos_0004 steelhead fishing photos_0006 steelhead fishing photos_0005 steelhead fishing photos_0003 steelhead fishing photos_0007 steelhead fishing photos_0008 steelhead fishing photos_0009 steelhead fishing photos_0010 steelhead fishing photos_0012 steelhead fishing photos_0011


Here is the show:


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