Early spring at Erickson Orchards – and a portrait I have been trying to get for years.

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Early spring at Erickson Orchards in Bayfield means digging in the dirt and getting ready for the busy season.  I do their photography and help with some of their social media, and today I started my seasonal monthly visits to document the farm.  Not only do I love this family and their business, but the fact they are dog fans adds to the fun.  Zeke likes to patrol the grounds looking for anything that might be an intruder ;).

There are so many new things being planted.  They’ve been planting like crazy – including new bartlett pear trees, some peach trees, and new strawberry patches. Fred is hoping to have 4000 trees on site in the next two years. I’ll have more up about that on their website in the next few weeks.

The other fun part about this was that I have been trying for years to get a portrait of Jimmy Erickson (Fred’s dad) and his best friend Mac.  I have no idea why it never happened – but I was finally able to get a few shots this afternoon.  I am so, so happy I could document these two together.  They really make me smile.

Definitely come out and visit the orchard starting Memorial Day weekend – Muriel’s donuts are incredible!

bayfield orchard_0000 bayfield orchard_0001

bayfield orchard_0004 bayfield orchard_0002 bayfield orchard_0003


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1 Comment

1 Comment on Early spring at Erickson Orchards – and a portrait I have been trying to get for years.

  1. Alison Durell
    May 15, 2015 at 2:42 pm (4 years ago)

    So enjoyed these pictures of the famous orchard of Bayfield County, and checked out their Facebook page. That page has some lovely photos of the orchard during the seasons. It seems to be a popular family business because of the folks there. For those of us who live in suburban or city areas, with disappearing orchards, it was a lovely visit “down memory lane when grandparents used to take us down country lanes to little produce markets. That picture of Dad Erickson and his dog Mac is a keeper. I think I read on their page the Ericksons have been married 60 years! They must be major contributors to the Bayfield Apple Fest we hear about in your postings.