Sniffing lenses at Watertown Humane Society


So I talk a lot about letting dogs sniff your lens in my tutorials and in my free download.  Well – this past week at my shelter workshop at the Watertown Humane Society – that technique was captured in action ;).  Tater showed us all why you should let those canines check out your lens:


pet portraits in watertown_0011Tater just looks so happy (because he is 😉 ).  And so fun!

The dogs were really enjoying the warm weather – you can see they’ve got as much spring fever as we do! After Tater was done bouncing from shear joy of temps in the 60’s, he decided it was time to snuggle with Jen… he is a very special dog.  I really enjoyed my time with him.

pet portraits in watertown_0005 pet portraits in watertown_0006


This is Cooper – he is an English Setter and an absolute joy to be around.  If you are a bird dog fan – definitely check him out. I was having far too much fun snuggling with him…

pet portraits in watertown_0007


This is London – e loves to chase balls! Update – he was adopted this past weekend (but I love the photos so I included them 😉 )

pet portraits in watertown_0004


This is Tammy.  She is a very special girl who needs to go to a very special home.  They have been working with her for quite some time, and she is now looking for the perfect spot.  At first she was hesitant about me – but after a moment she warmed up.  Her brindle color is absolutely gorgeous!

pet portraits in watertown_0008

So this is a very cool dog is learning hand signals.  Her name is Chenoa.

Chenoa gets startled by things because she is deaf, so unfortunately her bark sounds way more menacing than it is! If you have room in your heart for this sweet girl – please contact them.  I love her ears!!

pet portraits in watertown_0003


Last but not least – Chuck!  Chuck is hilarious – and is only boingy when he comes out of his kennel after not being able to run around. Other than that he is a complete snuggle bug and totally well mannered gentleman who happens to really love his toys :).  The only reason I did not take him home is because my chihuahua would eat him…

But seriously – go see him (or any of the others) – let them get their ya-ya’s out – and then see if it would be a fit!

pet portraits in watertown_0009 pet portraits in watertown_0010

Thank you so much to the Watertown Humane Society for having me do a photo workshop for their shelter.  If you have a shelter you would like me to visit, please have them contact me.

And please share this post – we would really appreciate it!

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2 Comments on Sniffing lenses at Watertown Humane Society

  1. chris
    March 17, 2015 at 5:57 am (7 years ago)

    fabulous photos, Hannah. And it makes it so much easier for potential adopters to see their personalities when you get them out of their kennels. Thanks for the time you give to these dogs and the shelters

  2. Alison
    March 17, 2015 at 9:22 am (7 years ago)

    With these marvelous shots and personality clips/background that you’ve included, how could anyone looking for a dog leave here “empty handed?” You do so many rescues a great service by drawing such action and interest to these needing homes!! The photos really invite one to get off the couch and indecisiveness about adopting, and go visit in person. One of these lucky dogs will surely reach out and pick that person to adopt them.