Sniff and boing: shooting intuitively for pet photographers.

Dogs being dogs: The progression of the boing and sniff.
Taking photos of dog being well, dogs, is possibly the best job on the planet.  When I shoot I don’t have burst mode on, so these progressions are not just a just a bunch of photos I have gotten by just pressing the shutter.

Instead I try to pay attention to what seems to interest the dog and start consciously shooting that thought process.  It’s very intuitive – my biggest piece of advice to photographers when they are trying to get these progression shots is to actually shut off the continuous shooting mode, and instead shoot very intentionally.  Pay a lot of attention to your shutter speed for these.  You’ll want to make sure it’s high enough to stop the action, because you will probably be moving in addition to any movement of the dogs.

The intuitive part of photography only comes with practice -so get out there and go nuts :).  Kind of like this sled dog…


apostle islands sled dog race_0009 photo of a dog sniffing_0000

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