How to take stop action photos – a sledding tutorial.


stop action sledding-5

Bright light, blinding white snow, and temps in the single digits actually make for some beautiful photos.  I love to use these conditions to get some really great stop action shots.

I shot these all at ISO 125 with my 35mm lens  (check out Borrow Lenses if you’d like to try this lens before you buy it!).  I used an aperture of f4.0 in AP mode (aperture priority) for all except the one of her face – which was f4.5 (just wanted a bit more detail in her eyes).  I laid on the ground at an angle to get them zooming by – make sure you pan when you photograph these types of scenarios.  Keep shooting as they go by – don’t stop to look at your camera to see what you captured.  Some of the best moments come after they pass!

Since it was so bright, and I was shooting down at f4.0, the shutter speeds were very fast – which created these stop action photos.  Most were 1/4000 – a few were 1/8000th.  Overkill? Maybe – but this is how I love to tell the story.  I isolate elements of the image with lower aperture numbers, and stop important parts with high shutter speeds.


stop action sledding-1 stop action sledding-2 stop action sledding-3 stop action sledding-4
stop action sledding-6

stop action photo-1stop action photo tutorial.As always – if you need help with some of the photo basics with your camera – check out Photography Concentrate’s Camera Essentials guide.

Happy shooting!


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1 Comment on How to take stop action photos – a sledding tutorial.

  1. Holly
    December 30, 2014 at 1:56 pm (7 years ago)

    awesome action shots Hannah. Love your helpful tips
    Have a great New Year