Car dogs, couch dogs, and a very happy pack!

I get to meet the most awesome animal loving, kindhearted, & fun people on my adventures around the country.  I absolutely love it when I can come to a house and document the bonds these families have.  I also love it when I can document a dog and his favorite couch.  This shoot was both of those things and more.

These 5 were so much fun!  Candid shoots like the ones I did in Atlanta make me a very happy photographer.

We played, we lounged, we took a pretend ride in the car that confused them both… and then we lounged more on various couches. Truman was a bit shy in a few of the photos, but I think he just really thought I was a bit too enthusiastic.  You can see in a few he looks at me as if he’s saying “is this chick supposed to be here?”. Ha.

Thank you so much Colin, Stephen, & Ellen for letting me photograph your very happy pack :). It was a blast!candid pet photography-1 candid pet photography-2 candid pet photography-3 candid pet photography-4 candid pet photography-5 candid pet photography-6 candid pet photography-7 candid pet photography-8 candid pet photography-9 candid pet photography-10 candid pet photography-11 candid pet photography-12 candid pet photography-13 candid pet photography-14 candid pet photography-15 candid pet photography-16 candid pet photography-17 candid pet photography-18 candid pet photography-19

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