Kiki on Madeline Island – Paddleboards, Mosquitoes, & Cliff Jumping!

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Kiki’s senior portrait on Madeline Island was an amazing adventure. First she went paddleboarding (her family owns Tadasana Paddleboards on Madeline Island, so she’s on them a lot all summer), then we braved HUGE mosquitoes in the state park, and then Kiki jumped off a cliff.

Yes, she willingly jumped off of a cliff. It’s Madeline Island – and that’s what we do here!

Thank you Kiki for being awesome – have an amazing senior year!

(Also – I’m going to Italy with her mom next year to teach photography at her yoga retreat… details soon.  You should join us. Ahem 😉 )

madeline island senior portrait_0000 madeline island senior portrait_0001 madeline island senior portrait_0002

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1 Comment

1 Comment on Kiki on Madeline Island – Paddleboards, Mosquitoes, & Cliff Jumping!

  1. David
    September 9, 2014 at 2:46 pm (5 years ago)

    Beautiful young lady beautifully photographed. Best to you both!
    (I think you might have neglected to identify Kiki’s paddleboard companion.)