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Why I do what I do… an update

A few months back I took some awesome photos of a very special dog at Catkins Animal Rescue, Inc.  (They’re where the Jim Fund is, and where Stewie is from – and a recipient of my month of giving).

Glenda loved the people at the shelter and felt safe for the first time in a long while, but was looking for her finally forever home after years of neglect.

photos for shelters

A wonderful family stumbled upon her on my blog.  They had been looking for a new furkid to add to their family, and Glenda looked like a great fit.  After a meet and greet at the shelter, Glenda jumped in the car and went home to her new couch :).

Her new family let me know they were coming up to Bayfield on vacation this week, and I got to meet them today in Bayfield!  They report that she is doing really, really well, and learning to trust that she is there to stay.  I nearly cried when they showed me video of her having fun and swimming in the pool!  This is why I do what I do :).

I don’t always get to hear about my subjects’ new homes, so this was incredibly special to me.  It proves I am on the right path!

Thank you to her new humans for sending me this photo of them a few months ago!



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  1. Susan Schutz says:

    How beautiful! Thank you for helping Glenda find such a wonderful home. As soon as a dog has access to the couch, trust begins!

  2. Ros Nelson says:

    I LOVE stories like this! Thanks to all who made this work: the shelter, the people who support the shelter with cash, the new mom and dad, and to Hannah who brought this Story To Life.

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