Ice Break Up on Lake Superior and the Madeline Island Wind Sled

60% of Lake Superior is still covered by ice and it’s mid April!

Today was almost 70 degrees, so I headed out in the morning for a few photos of the commercial boats and the ferries.  I haven’t been out to shoot just for fun in awhile, so it was awesome to shoot around town and visit with people I haven’t seen all winter because it’s been so cold out!

This afternoon, Stormey (my fabulous new intern!) went out and got some photos of the wind sled taking off for Madeline Island.  The Ice Road has been closed for a quite awhile, but the wind sled is still going.  There is word that the ferry may try to break through tomorrow.  We’ll be stalking it for sure! :).

For those who wonder what a wind sled is – it is basically the life line for the island in between the ice road season and ferry season.  It makes sure supplies get to the island, kids get to school, and everyone else gets to work.  Some windsleds are used for ice rescue, and some (like the ones pictured) are used for commuting.  They’re powered by huge engines that drive the twin propellers.

(By the way – this is the first Stormey and Hannah post! I’m excited to have her do more with me and on the blog. )

Ice unsafe in Bayfield Madeline Island wind sled Photos of the Madeline Island Ferry Madeline Island Ferry Ice break up on Lake Superior Ice in Bayfield commercial fishing tugsmadeline island wind sled 1 madeline island wind sled 2 Madeline island windsled 2 Madeline island windsled


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