Aussie love-6

Sometimes it’s really obvious the dogs at Catkins are well taken care of.

***Update:  Glenda has been adopted!! See details HERE***

One of the things I have learned from my shelter visits around the country is that they are NOT the unhappy places some media have portrayed them to be. The vast majority are full of staff and volunteers that love the animals, and want to make sure they have the happiest existence ever while they are waiting for forever homes.

This week I did a multi county session at Catkins Animal Rescue, Inc, and I found a wonderful example of this.  Glenda the Aussie is obviously being well take care of by shelter staff while she waits for her future human.  I love this series!

(I’ll have more Catkins photos up tomorrow :) ).  Enjoy – And please share!

Aussie love
Aussie love-2
Aussie love-3
Aussie love-4
Aussie love-5
Aussie love-7
Aussie love-8
Aussie love-9
Aussie love-6

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  1. Ros Nelson says:

    These are such heartwarming photos of Glenda; so glad to hear she has been adopted. Yeah!!

  2. S. E. says:

    I’m so glad, too! How could one not fall in love with her. Hannah, your photos are stunnning . . . and so are the subjects! LOL

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