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Travel Sessions and a Visit to the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, OH

I was already doing furchild sessions when the John & Schoep photo went nuts – but the publicity I have gotten from it has led to some AMAZING opportunities to both travel for sessions, and give back to the rescue community.

Last week I traveled to Columbus, OH to take photos of two absolutely gorgeous German Shepherds.  While I was there a local photographer, Mike Chambers, invited me to tour the new Franklin County Dog Shelter.  This place is amazing!  Its bright, beautiful, relaxing for the animals (semi-soundproof rooms – yay!), powered partially by solar, and a LEEDS building.  The staff is so friendly, and obviously much happier to be there than the old building.

I’ve decided to do these trips once a month – I am currently building my list of locations, and I will announce it soon!  If you would like to be added to the list of possible locations, please email me at  In the meantime – please check out the amazing Franklin County – and their adoptable dogs!

By the way – there is an AMAZING black shepherd there named Zorro – and he is missing a paw :(  Check out his photos below and think about adding him to your home!












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  1. Awesome work Hannah!!! It’s so great to see that you get to do some traveling AND work with rescue groups (total bonus in my book). If you ever find yourself in Chicago with some free time let me know. I would love to meet up and chat photography and animal rescue! Keep on rockin’ out!!


  2. Hannah, what a generous use of your talents! And to continue to make such an offer is just wonderful. Inspiring. And, it is SO true: Great photos of dogs make them so much more attractive. They stand out. The dog’s expressions come through. So many shelters and rescue agents don’t have the time, talent, equipment, patience, etc., to do more than snap a couple hasty shots of each dog they have to put into their “system.” Wouldn’t it be great if each agency or rescue group had someone with even half your talent to ensure that every dog gets a fair “shot.” Blessings to you and all who find themselves in front of your camera. Michael J. Rosen

  3. Kim Matteen Orlowski says:

    Thank you, Hannah. Your work IS inspiring!

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