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Kid & Kid – Story Behind the Image

I have hard drives full of photos I haven’t gone through in a very long time,  and I’m picking my favorite images once a week and going deeper into them – both storywise and technically.  I have the horrid habit of taking a photo, falling in love with it, and then forgetting about it two days later.  It’s professional photographer job hazard ;).

This photo of Aidyn and Andy the Goat is one of my all time favorites!  I went with the idea of just getting some fun shots of the goats at Sassy Nanny, but Aidyn decided he would show me his friend.    I shot it with my Canon 24-70 2.8 at ISO 400, f2.8 @ 1/2500, and then in post converted it to b&w in Lightroom. I also positioned myself at eye level with Aidyn – with kids and animals that is essential to my photos.

I tend to shoot in extremes with apertures – either f/2.8 or f/18.  Its my way of really getting creative and changing the mood of the photo in camera.  My post processing in Lightroom then adds to it with either a contrasty b&w, or deeper hues (if I’m keeping it in color).

Comment below and let me know what else you would like to know! I love teaching :):)


Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

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  1. Jackie Creviston says:

    Beautiful pic. I wouldn’t change a thing. I like to take pictures but nothing on the level that you do. You have the talent….which can’t be taught. The Technique can but you have the “eye”. Thanks so much for all your wonderful photos.
    Jackie aka Ruby

  2. Lanny Harder says:

    I do not know a thing about photography but I know what I like and what touches me. Your photos never dissapoint. I am so happy that I found that first picture of John and Schoep and therefore found you! I love your idea of sharing your favorite photos and really love the idea of the story behind it. Keep em coming, and THANK YOU for sharing your art with all of us art groupies!

  3. Rita Rodriguez says:

    Hanna: Your last sentence: -”I love teaching”- speak volumen about your kind character!. I live in Florida and when I browse your photos it is difficult to choose a favorite. If you ever travel south I will love to see your photos from a Sundown in “Marco’s Island”, I live in the east coast but I went there years ago and it was breath taking!. From the Florida keys the sunrise and sundown are magnificents too.
    I’ll keep looking and sharing.
    Please, be safe while taking your photos : )

  4. Suzanne Cain says:

    I am taking my first wedding pictures in December and Im a bit nervous with it being winter (all the snow and trees) Do you have any suggestions of some good settings for my camera so the outdoor pictures don’t get too washed out or blue? Also, what settings do you use for in the church? Some of my pictures will be under fluorescent lighting and some under natural. The fluorescent lighting is something I struggle with, the pictures always turn out grainy. I have a Canon Rebel T3 and I love it, I get some really great pictures from it but still have a lot of learning ahead of me so thank you so much for being willing to share your knowledge and experience with those of us just getting going.

  5. Hannah says:

    Hey Suzanne! Shoot me an email at hannah@stonehousephoto.com – let’s discuss :)

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