I’ve been driving around the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan surviving on mostly caffeine and jerky over the past few months photographing all kinds of fun weddings and portraits! Last week I took some time out to get some photos of my favorite kinds of subject: canines! Its amazing the kinds of photos you get while lying on the ground ;):

Beagles sniffing butts

This is Laverne…. she’s wonderful, but a true beagle, so she won’t bond to you right away. She’s much more interested in sniffing, so don’t be offended if she doesn’t pay attention to you  right away. She was unfortunately returned to the shelter because the first adopter didn’t understand the breed. She LOVES to play with other beagles. For more info contact the Chequamegon Humane Association :).  To see all of the dogs from last week’s shoot – check out the Facebook page!

Laverne is a Beagle for Adoption

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