Moments matter most – and why some shot lists will make your photographer twitchy…

When you are hiring a photographer, you are hiring them for their photographic skill, their specific photographic style, & their ability to capture your wedding day as it happens.  Most photographers I know get particularly twitchy when handed a specific shot list that includes such things as “bride walking down the aisle”, “dad giving bride away”, or something as specific as “bride looking to the side staring adoringly at her groom”.  These things will happen naturally through out the day, and don’t need to be requested.  If your wedding photographer spends their time trying to tick off a list of requested shots, they tend to miss what is REALLY going on!  Trust your wedding photographer to know what the traditional moments are that need to be documented – that’s why you are paying them the big bucks :).

The key to making this work, though, is excellent communication with your photographer.  Make sure to set a date & time to meet, either in person or on the phone, prior to your wedding day to discuss the timeline and any unusual elements of your day.  In addition, if you are sending anything to your wedding party that shows a schedule of wedding day events or a timeline of the ceremony, also send it to your photographer.  It helps us understand the flow of events – and we will really, really appreciate your including us!

There is one caveat to disliking requested shot lists:  I LOVE {extremely short} lists of family posed photos. Once I have this, I know what expectations my clients have for family groupings.  A list of family posed photos helps keep “posed formal photo time” down to a minimum, which makes everyone happier!  I always say I try to make formal photo time as quick and as efficient as possible, as you can’t photoshop out grimaces ;).    I send a questionnaire out a few weeks or a month prior to the wedding with questions about when & where things are happening and what formal family shots are requested, as will most other wedding photographers.

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