Portrait of me and a portrait of Scout T Dog


As I say in my “about me”  – I’m obsessed with my canine – children 🙂 .  They’re getting way to many photos of them taken lately because I’ve gotten a bunch of new lighting equipment.  The two of them are available to harass with my camera day & night – and i take full advantage of it!  Actually, as soon as they see the softbox and flash go up, they know its treat time… I got this shot of Scout last night as he was like “Seriously woman – are we done yet?”

This Flatcoat is done...

I also got the only serious photo you will EVER see of me… I’m usually making faces and/or sticking my tongue out at the camera.  I was proud of myself for behaving – oh and it’s my first self-portrait NOT in the mirror :).

headshot bw

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1 Comment

1 Comment on Portrait of me and a portrait of Scout T Dog

  1. Jeannie
    April 30, 2013 at 3:31 pm (9 years ago)

    Hi Hannah,

    I have been following you for awhile and was wondering if you had suggestions for camera equipment. I have been competing in agility for the past few years with my sheltie and would like to be able to get better shots at these events. I currently have the Sony NEX-5 but the shutter speed is just too SLOW!

    I, like you, LOVE the candid shots and have really enjoyed your photography. Thank you for being so open with your life. My heart has been captured by Shep, Wyla and tales of your husband and furkids.

    Thank you and best wishes.

    Jeannie, Keeli, Willow and Delli (the three sheltie girls)