On other guest photographers and the joys of digital cameras!


I really, truly, honestly do not care if I am hired to shoot a wedding and a friend or relative of the couple comes to the wedding with a “nice camera” and shoots photos as well.   Some photographers are uncomfortable with this, I am not – within reason (see below).  I’m confident that I’ve been hired because I know what I’m doing, I’ve been doing it for years, and its not just a hobby for me. No matter the conditions or lighting situation, I know what to do.   I have been known to offer “mini clinics” at weddings (seriously – 5 minutes can show a person a lot 🙂 ) and give out AA’s to people with dead batteries who want to get photos of the first dance.  Other people with cameras and flashes going are some of my favorite images from weddings!  It shows how much fun everyone is having.

Help from Uncle Bob  :)


That being said there are a few things I would LOVE guests to know that would really make my life a bit easier… wedding photography can be fun, but it can also be stressful.  So please help :D.

1) Please do not stand in the center aisle during the procession or recession – nor during the whole ceremony.  Though I know how to get the shot and I’ll just move out of your way – its stressful for me to constantly be trying to shoot around you.  I need to think about the ceremony – not the back of your head.

2) During posed group photos please do not stand behind me and take photos.  I’m not asking this because I’m worried about sales of prints – I’m asking this because if I have 10 photos of the same group and all of their eyes are turned at another camera – its a pain in the butt to photoshop all those eyes in correctly ;). I’ve actually had to do this!

3) Please do not take photos of the wedding, and then put them on your photography business website as if you’ve been hired to shoot it.  That is rude.  Work hard and get hired as a 2nd shooter – don’t hijack someone else’s wedding.  It can also make the couple EXTREMELY uncomfortable to find their wedding on a random friend’s website.  That happened and I got caught in the middle  – fun for everyone!

As wedding season approaches these are things to keep in mind so I don’t have carpel tunnel after wedding season from photo-shopping peoples eyes!  Ha! Oh – and if you see me at a wedding shooting and you have questions – please ask!  I love teaching about photography :).

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1 Comment

1 Comment on On other guest photographers and the joys of digital cameras!

  1. Rich Copley
    April 28, 2011 at 8:08 pm (11 years ago)

    Great pointers and attitude. I have seen hired pros get freaked out about others with cameras, and it just betrays a lack of confidence. Hired photographers usually have a load of advantages over even the best guest with a camera for getting the great shots. But yes, the guest does need to stay out of the hired pros’ way.

    Photoshopping all the eyes? Wow.