Wedding Photography Styles

I get to be my sister’s Matron of Dishonor – oops I mean Honor – in September – whoooohoooooo!!! I am uber excited!  She and I were talking the other day about some of her questions about wedding photography, and I decided that I should do a series on wedding photography for my blog. I’m going to talk not only about styles of photography, but how to schedule your day to make photos go smoothly, how to pose to look your best, styles of dresses that work best, and even make- up that looks best!

First up in the series is looking at styles of photography.  There are basically 3 types: photojournalistic, traditional, and illustrative.  This is an EXTREMELY simplistic overview, but hopefully it will get you started on figuring out what type you and your significant other gravitate towards!

Oh yeah – and for you UW – Madison people that IS a Terrace chair in the background.  I got one for graduation – I swear I didn’t steal it!  On Wisconsin!

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