Bayview Beach in the wind!

It has been gorgeous out the past few days in all of Wisconsin… I have been hanging out in Madison visiting my family and getting fitted for a bridemaid’s dress for my sister’s wedding (yes – I get to be the Maid of Dishonor 😉 )!

I drove back last night from Madison, and I was able to get out today for some shots of Bayview Beach!  Its one of my favorite spots for portraits and wedding “formals” (I use that term very loosely).

A huge wind blew up this afternoon and I got some dramatic photos of the waves in motion.

IMG_0136ev copy

IMG_0141e copy

IMG_0128e copy

I also got a random pine cone which seemed to be the only thing left standing in one spot!

IMG_0140 copy

If you want to hear the sound of the wind – check out the video I got with my Canon 5D – it was blowing REALLY hard!  Not the best video quality, but great sound :).

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