Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race – 2010

The Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race is this weekend.  StonehousePhoto has been a sponsor for the past two years, medications and it continues to be one of my favorite Bayfield events! (PS Doggie fans – please check out the “Comments for Canines” page 🙂 )

The Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race starts at the Gravel Pit Trailhead (romantic- huh?  🙂 ) and goes for miles around the Bayfield Peninsula.  My cousins came up, along with our friend Mary, and we we got some shots at the beginning and then headed up to one of the viewing areas farther along the trail.

Here are a few – the rest can be seen on the Stonehouse Photography Facebook page:

There is A LOT of community spirit that revolves around this race. Community volunteers do everything from keeping track of racers to providing free food!  At the Butterfield Rd/ Star Rt point there was amazing wild rice chowder and a bonfire.

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