Introducing Food Fridays!

Happy New Year everyone – welcome to Food Fridays!

As some of you may now, I am kind of a foodie.  I love food, however, I am not the best at actually cooking it!  As much as I try it doesn’t always work out :).  I have decided I am going to do one of two things every Friday: 1) find a random recipe online and try my best to replicate it or 2) go to a local restaurant, etc, where they show me how to make something and I will take photos of the ensuing chaos ;).  Most likely it will be Big Water Cafe, as they are used to me and my big camera. 

This week I had an over abundance of eggnog, so I decided it would be smart to try and dispose of it in a yummy way… I got this recipe from here. The vanilla was a present from my parents for Christmas, as they know I am attempting to learn to bake!

I used oatmeal bread instead of white, and I didn’t use any bourbon (didn’t have any…)

Yummy! Any suggestions for next week?

Happy New Year everyone 🙂

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