Ice Team Ice Fishing Clinic for Washburn High School

My friend Jen (owner of Magdalene Photography by Green Bay & Door County) came up this weekend to talk photography business strategy and basically just hang out!  We ended up going to take photos at the Ice Team clinic in Washburn because my husband Jim is part of the Ice Team and was there teaching.

We got a ride on a trailer to the site.

I am not sure Jen was expecting this when she came up here – she was a little cold :).

Then we wandered around and got some shots of the students learning about ice fishing. My favorite shots are the ones of the girls learning to use the augers. I am TERRIFIED of those things!

This is a great shot inside the tent showing how much ice there is (about a foot!).

Ice Team actually goes to schools all over Minnesota and Wisconsin to teach about ice fishing. It is an awesome program!

My favorite shot of the day is actually this one that Jen took of my husband and I in our true element – him ice fishing and me taking some sort of photo of him 🙂

Tomorrow is Food Friday!

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