Bayfield Portrait Photographer | Ashley’s "Senior" Photos


This is my friend Ashley – I actually met her this summer while she was a barista at my favorite coffee place Big Water Coffee in Bayfield (oh my – that’s a whole lot of “b’s”…  She is a senior at Northland College, and never had her senior photos taken in high school, so we did some fun “senior” shots around Bayfield!

Ashley is a peace studies major – so this was appropriate 🙂


…and one of her favorite books is The Awakening, which is one of mine as well!



We then went to the gorgeous Carnegie Library in Bayfield




And then to the Iron Bridge, where Ashley & I decided it was time for a little Mary Tyler Moore action 🙂



Next up beach prego photos, a candlelight ceremony in 40 mph winds, and a scarecrow bridesmaid!

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