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Holly & Mark got married in Bayfield at the beautiful Winfield Inn & Gardens.    They had a spectacular day filled with all kinds of fabulous, very cool items that were provided by friends of the family!  Donalee Designs provided some of the fabulous jewelry  (Oprah wears her stuff!!), a great friend provided the flowers, another great friend did the fabulous (and photographically stunning!) food, Holly’s brother in law baked their chocolate  H & M cake, and ladies from Bayfield baked the fabulous cakes on the tables!  It was a truly Bayfield wedding 🙂  The reception was at sunset on the deck of the lovely Bayfield Inn – and the light was so insanely beautiful.

Honestly, their reception was filled with so much emotion it was INCREDIBLY hard for me to pick photos for this entry – check the rest out on the Stonehouse Facebook fan page, and check out the slideshow.




bayfieldwedding3The coffee from Big Water!!  Holly knows I love their stuff, and Big Water catered the rehearsal 🙂

bayfieldwedding6Honestly – Holly really wanted to hang over the edge of the dock.  Totally her idea!

bayfieldwedding5The beginning of the beautiful, awesome reception on the deck.




bayfieldwedding10Mark’s daughter is so in love with Holly, it is amazing to see the two of them together, and Holly & Mark are so so so so happy together.  I wish you both the best!


I LOVE this photo of Holly – she is just GLOWING, and you can tell the two of them are extremely overwhelmed with emotion…



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