Ashland Wedding | Kim & Kyle at Our Lady of the Lake


OK – Our Lady of the Lake is my FAVORITE church ever.  I am kind of a geek about it, but the lighting ROCKS.  Kim & Kyle are ridiculously fun, so Kevin (who I will introduce in another post entitled “OMG are you Kevin Jacobsen??” te he he he)  & I had a blast shooting this wedding!  You can see their slideshow here.

I love the shot of Kim’s mom!


Kevin hung out with Kyle & fam while they were getting ready…


This is why I LOVE this church!



We stopped by for some fun group photos at this house outside Ashland – I LOVE the colors!


Some shots of the reception at Kyle’s parent’s home – it was beautiful!


The owl who goes everywhere – and the super hero relaxing in  his “bed” (or so it was explained to me by one of the little boys there 🙂 )


Kyle’s super happy mom and some fun dancing!


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