Mom, Dad, and the Flat Coats

My mom and my dad came up for a short visit this week. It was awesome to see them! They also brought their Flat Coat Retriever Flora to visit. Scout was a little jealous of her getting so many smooches, but Jim and I are making up for it with Milkbones! Jordan , my brother, couldn’t come up because he was with my grandparents, my sister should hopefully be up here in August!

My dad Lindsay has not cleaned a fish since he was 11, so Jim, The King of Cleaning Fish, gave him some instruction.

These are Scout T Dog and Flora T Dog in Lake Superior with my dad and my mom. Flat coats are very cool dogs – they have a lot of similar mannerisms, and sometimes its hard to tell these two apart when they sleeping on the carpet!

So – off to Photoshop! I have a busy weekend ahead – two weddings and a senior portrait! Enough slacking 🙂

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