Other things besides being a Bayfield, WI wedding photographer

So I haven’t done any weddings this week – but I’ve been taking photos of a baby named Noah, a puppy named Fielder, and an approaching storm…
This is Fielder the Dog being held by Lucas:

He is very tiny here, but he has grown A LOT since this was taken.

He kept checking out the bananas…

This is Noah – I took his Baptism portraits about a week ago – they should be up on Sunday. He is so interactive with the camera already. I can’t wait until see how he when he is older!

Finally, here is the Memorial Day attempted Crappie fishing trip. First, we notice an approaching storm, then I look up and its coming closer, at last it is finally overtaking us. So much for fishing – it dropped 22 degrees in a matter of minutes. Oh well – it was fun to finally hang out with my husband Jim!

Tomorrow I am going to shoot some great scenes and jewelry at Donalee Design’s show in Washburn. Saturday I have Amy and Andre’s wedding at the Rose Garden in Duluth. I’ll post photos from both thse events ASAP. This summer is turning out to be very very busy, and a whole lot of fun!

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