Nancy and Jesse and a Beatles semi-reanactment!

The weather for Nancy and Jesse’s wedding in Bayfield was fantastic. I was my first one this season where I didn’t have to travel from Bayfield, so that was really nice for me! There were also a ton of VERY fun kids around, so I got some great candid shots, including one particular little boy who really liked the cake, the watermelon, and my camera!

I also took advantage of the somewhat closed street, and the guys did a great impression of the Beatles!!

This dinner shot is by far one of my favorites this year. I used my fast 50 mm with no flash for a bunch of the reception, and the lighting really worked well…

Next up will be Lauryn and Paul’s wedding form this weekend. It was my closest wedding to date – it was literally across the street from my house! I have a VERY tough life 🙂

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