Bayfield bear chased up a tree by a cat…

So – this is our local friend. I haven’t thought of a name for him yet – but he’s been causing quite a few problems in town. Well actually, not problems, but rather general hilarity. My husband is a Bayfield police officer and received a call about a bear in the neighborhood – about a block from our house. When Jim got there he saw that the bear was up in the tree, and that a small cat was trying to get UP the tree and get the bear. He was informed by the cat’s owner that the feline had chased the bear down the street to the tree, and that now the bear just seemed to be staring in bewilderment at the cat. We can’t tell if the bear was actually afraid of the cat, or just really confused with a cat that had the guts to chase it down the street!

The next day the cat was spotted again crouched behind the bear ready to spring into action. I’m not sure how far the two of them got – but the bear has been seen around town the past few days making the dumpster rounds, getting on porches, hanging out in our yard, and generally making a nuisance of himself. I have yet to see him when I am out walking Mr. Big Deal – and I ‘m not sure if I want to!!

I’ve got some great wedding photos from the this weekend – hopefully they’ll be up by tomorrow.



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